Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uncle Sean and Aunt Brooke

This is kind of a scary and morbid shot of Connor and Aunt Brooke and Sean. Connor got his new Blaster for Easter and used it on them. They were so fun and patient playing endless Star Wars with him. Thanks Sean and Brooke for giving me a break from playing Star Wars and being so nice to Connor.

Easter Sunday

Here are a a few pictures from Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny was very generous with the kids. Connor got PEZ, a new Star Wars Figure, ship, and Blaster, and of course candy. Sadie got a book, candy, and some Little People. I bet the kids wish the Easter Bunny came to Grandma and Grandpa's house every year.:)

This basket was in Grandma and Grandpa's pantry with some pretend food. When Sadie was looking for her basket she was so proud to find it. Little did she know...her basket had much better goodies in it!

Easter Egg Hunt

We headed to Portland for Easter weekend. In the neat little park by Grandpa and Grandma's neighborhood, they had a great Easter Egg Hunt. Sadie and Connor had a lot of fun. Connor spotted a great place where there were lots of eggs and not a lot of kids and went to town! He even got a "special egg" and won a prize. Sadie was a little sick and more mellow than usual, but was really happy with her Krispy Kreme. I think one of the most fun parts of being a mom is getting to take my kids to things like this and seeing how much fun they have too. Sometimes I think I have more fun than they do.:)

Coloring Easter Eggs

So I found this really cool gadget to dye easter eggs neatly! I think it was called Dudley's egg spinner. The kids just place the egg in the spinner add the colors of dye they want, and then push the button on top to cover the egg with dye. The kids had a blast and I recommend it for little kids...or if you live in a place (like we do) where you can't dye eggs outside.

No more Tosils for Connor

Grandma J was a huge help while Connor was sick.

It seems like it has been forever now, but since I do this blog thing mostly for journaling purposes, I thought I'd write a few things about my little guy's surgery. We decided to get his tonsils out in March after visiting and ENT. He has snored since he was tiny, but it seemed like in the last 6 months or so his snoring got much worse. It was like he was struggling for every breath when he slept. He also had strep/tonsillitis a few times in the last year. Although, I was really nervous about putting him under and the whole recovery thing, he did fabulous! We were lucky enough to have my mother-in-law come stay with us so Ryan could come with me to the surgery center. Connor was quite scared and refused to talk to any of the nurses or doctors until they gave him "spidey" juice. It was some medicine that relaxed him before they took him back. I really wish I had it on tape, because it was SOOOOO funny. He went from quiet, nervous to slap happy and goofy in about matter of minutes. He said some silly things, was kicking his feet up on the chair, laughing uncontrollably, etc. When the nurse wheeled him back he just smiled and said "BYE, BYE!" I was a wreck in the waiting room, but was happy to be called back to see him in recovery after only 30 minutes. The doctor said it was a very good thing that we removed them and that they were even bigger than she expected. He came out of anesthesia very well. The nurse was really sweet and just let him wake up slowly. He ate a Popsicle right away and we got to go home. When we arrived back at home he was STARVING. I guess he was sill drugged because he was asking for chips and crackers. He ate 8 or 9 Popsicles with in the first hour of being home along with mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and ice cream. My sister was amazed because her little girl had her tonsils out a couple of years ago and wouldn't talk or even swallow her own spit for almost 2 weeks! Another cute thing was that he would give himself his pain meds. He learned how to use the little syrenge and exactly how much he needed and would remind me when it was time and take it himself. He was pretty much all the way better after about a week. What a trooper! Since his surgery he has gained at least 6 or 7 pounds which he desperately needed. I think that because of the size of his tonsils, it was hard to swallow, and so he usually didn't eat much. Also, his quality of sleep is much better. No more snoring or sleeping in really late! I'm so grateful he did well and is a healthier boy now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its been a while...

So I have a TON of things to catch up on such as Connor's surgery, Easter, Sadie and Ryan's birthdays,my new church calling, Connor's first swim lesson, new flooring, Mother's Day,etc... but all that seemed a little overwhelming so I thought I'd just start my catching up with a few cute bath photos I took of the kids back in March. They made me smile and remember what cute kids I have, even though tonight I was really frustrated and tired with them. Ryan has been in New York all week, and the week has actually gone by pretty quickly with the exception of tonight. I had to drag them to a baptism right at dinner/bedtime to do music. They were reverent up until the little boy was baptized , then they were done!!! I bribed Connor to be well behaved with a trip to Blockbuster to rent a movie of his choice , so he shaped up. Sadie was a different story. She kept yelling "more Wa, Wa!" She was mad that they had shut the doors to the baptismal font. I left when Connor said, " I just can't stand sitting still anymore!" and let the kids run in the gym for a while and then came back for the closing song. Are my kids the only ones that have a HARD time being reverent??? Then when we got to Blockbuster, Sadie was running wild knocking movies of the shelves and running away from me, all the while laughing and screaming and thinking she was hilarious. Let me just say that bedtime was a big relief tonight. Despite it all, it all I really love my little monsters!

This photo was before Connor's surgery and he was sooooo skinny. He has gained 6 or 7 lbs since getting his tonsils out and looks much healthier. Yeah!