Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shilter's Pumpkin Patch 2011

The first of our 3 visits to our favorite pumpkin patches this fall was to Shilter's. It is a really cute farm complete with a tractor ride, park, animals, pumpkin bowling, duck races, pedal tractors, slides, and more. The girls and I had a great morning with our friends the Springer's. We missed Connor though...full day school is a bummer!


Pumpkin bowling
Duck races
Tractor ride

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A "Rockin" First Day of School

Who gets to go to a Taylor Swift concert on the very first day of first grade... CONNOR JOHNSON! What a luck guy! Ryan got me Taylor Swift tickets months ago and Connor has a bit of a celebrity crush on her (and knows every word to every song). My brother flew out with my niece Madison to have a father/daughter trip and go to the concert, so I decided to bring Connor as well. After a fantastic first day of school, we headed to Tacoma for
a steak dinner (Madi's request) and then we were off to the concert. I was concerned at first because the opening bands were quite loud and I think the long day started to set in and he was not enjoying himself very much. He wasn't complaining or whining, but he just sat and covered his ears. I don't know what I was thinking
to not bring earplugs. He has ALWAYS been sensitive to loud noises.
When Taylor Swift came on, however, he got a second wind, and perked right up. He took so many photos and illegal videos :) of every song. We both really enjoyed the impressive show Taylor put on. It felt like a mix between a concert/broadway show. The sets, costumes, dancers, band members acrobats, hugescreens, and of course Taylor-were all pretty amazing. We enjoyed every minute-Connor would say the only bad part was ALL the SCREAMING girls!!! They were VERY loud. What a fun and memorable night! (We won't mention I kept him up until midnight and sent him (by choice) to school in the morning.

Connor wore this exact shirt/shorts on the first day of Kindergarten :)

Off the bus-and a little irritated I met him there-he is "in first grade now and can walk home by himself!"
Our fancy dinner-thanks to Madi and Adam
Connor covering his ears=me very worried!

Taylor Swift finally coming on=Connor Happy! (PS. I have a very handsome date :))

Sadie would have loved these princesses/ballerinas
Adam, Madi, and Connor
Me with the cute kiddos