Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fouth of July 2013

We had a picnic at the park and watched the fireworks on the fourth.  We were so glad to have Uncle Lance and Sean join us. Lance captured some great photos of the night. 

All 4 kiddos and I

Last Day of School 2013

Hard to believe another school year came and went. Sadie and Connor were both blessed with wonderful teachers and friends at their new school- Centennial. Kindergarten and Second Grade were a success.  It helps to move and have a baby to make a year fly by! Yay for summer!!!

Sadie was happy to have Austin see her grad

Sadie performing with her class.

Sadie with Mrs. Evans

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Last day of school pic!

Sadie had the BEST kindergarten bus driver that dropped her off right at our doorstep everyday. We still miss Mario!

Field day for Connor

Mr. Oniel and Connor

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Austin 2 months

One thing I love about having a new baby is how it forces us to slow life down a bit and provides lots of family time. Austin was such a fussy baby, so it was nice when he began to smile and show some happier personality. Despite the fact that he cried a lot, his big brother and sisters were so patient with him and always trying to do anything to make him happy. Those were precious times in our home.

Some of his first smiles

Look at Austin gazing up at Eliza

These 2 have lots in common. 

This is Connor dancing with Austin while I prepare dinner. Loud music and dancing with him  was one of the only things that could snap him out of crying. Connor is truly an amazing big brother.

Our real life baby doll

Connor comparing him to the size of a football.

Milk Coma

Tired looking Mama nursing Austin. 

Two peas in a pod.

College Roommate Visit 2013

 My sweet college roomies came to visit in June to meet Austin and have a little girl time. It was so nice to have them. We truly have a bond that is so special. Time with them is therapeutic, uplifting, and so much fun!!
Cute Lissa

Besties and Austin

Tumwater Falls

Still have cute bums :)

Watershed Hike

Dinner at Hearthfire

Walk around Capital lake

Anna with her sweet baby bump (Cami) 

Autum joined us on Saturday. Yay!!!