Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had so much fun at our annual Trunk or Treat. This is always such a blast for kids and adults. Its a great activity to invite friends and neighbors too! Unfortunatey Connor was a little sick, so he wasn't as excited about all the games, but he wasn't too ill to trunk or treat. :) Sadie got a hang of the whole process really quickly. At some cars, the candy passer outer's (is that a word) would just hold the bowl out and let kids grab what they wanted. Sadie would just stand there and keep grabbing from the bowl until I dragged her off kicking and screaming...we all know Sadie loves her treats! Saide and I had fun dressing as a puppy and Cruella De Ville. Connor wanted to be Dash again, but Ryan wouldn't be Mr. Incredible again. :(

Last Year's Trunk or Treat

Pumpkin Patch

Connor's Preschool class went on their annual trip to beautiful Hunter's Pumpkin Patch a few weeks ago. It was cold, but not raining, so we were happy. Sadie, Connor, his friends and I all enjoyed the goats, slide, pigs, tractor ride, and of course picking pumpkins. Connor was so decisive (as he always is). He picked one within the first couple of seconds of being in the patch, and that was the only one he was bringing home. (Since there was no limit on the size, I was trying to get him to choose a big one) :) I wished I had taken some video of Sadie. She was screaming because we were out of food for the animals, and everytime she would screech the HUGE turkey would gobble. It was hilarious.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sister's Weekend

So... I am totally lazy, but this is a blog entry that my sister wrote about our fun weekend we had. I didn't have my camera for most of the time so she took most of the pics. You can check it out at...

Rocking out to Guitar Hero (Emily was better than me first try!)

Thanks so much for coming Emily! It was a blast!

Rock Stars

This is a funny video Ryan shot if the kids "Rockin Out." I'm not sure who has better moves...Connor or Sadie. What do Ya'll think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Fun With Paint

Check out this post "Fun with Paint."
My little Sadie caused some trouble at our friends house Saturday night.

Crazy Sadie Strikes Again! Sorry Spenser and thanks again for watching my kids. We owe you!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun with Painting!

This week, I think we enjoyed the last of our nice weather for the season. Wednesday I pulled out the paints and Sadie and Connor painted rocks from the backyard, on paper, and the most fun...on themselves. Ihad to spray them both down with the hose after they were finished. Good times!