Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sadie's 6th Birthday

My "Sadie Lady" turned 6 on April 17th, 2013. I think she had a happy day.  It started with birthday balloons and muffins. Then she went to Kindergarten and got to bring the snack and celebrate with her class.  After school, Sadie and I dropped Eliza off at Heidi's house and headed to lunch. She chose Panera. I loved our one on one time and her sweet conversation. She is our "middle" child and doesn't get a whole lot of individual attention, so I was glad that we got to go on a special date. After dance class, her dance friends Emmie, and Lauren came over to sing and have birthday cake and open presents. For months, all she asked for, for her birthday was TAYLOR SWIFT concert tickets. Not once did she waver, when I suggested other possible gifts and/or warned her that the concert was not until the END of August. So...we got her Taylor Swift tickets. She could not have been happier! A few thoughts about 6 year old Sadie I would like to remember:
- Her smile can light up a room.
- She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle.
-She still loves girly stuff like Barbies, princesses, and loves pretend play.
-She is a drama queen!!
-She loves her siblings, but annoys them at times.
-She loves art and crafts.
-She loves her grandparents and has a special bond with Grandma Anette who loves her despite her drama.
-She would rather play than study.
-She loves to be read to.
-She has many, many friends, but I am being introduced to girl drama with those friends and I don't like it!
-She is not very coordinated, but loves dance and gymnastics.
-She likes to try new things.
-She can be very shy.
-Her favorite food is cheese quesadillas.
-She loves ice cream.
-She loves stuffed animals and dolls.
-She loves scriptures.
-She has a sweet singing voice and is currently obsessed with Taylor Swift.
-She loves to PRAY and her prayers are sincere and often funny. :)

I'm sure thankful to have her as a daughter. I hope I can be a good mommy to her, despite the fact that we butt heads at times. I love her with all my heart. Happy Birthday Sadie!

Sadie chose Cold Stone cookie dough cake.  Yum!

The Cammack's dropped off a sweet gift. I think she felt loved!

Muffins for the birthday girl.

Panera-they gave her a free cookie for her Birthday!

Ryan had a birthday the day after Sadie's. Poor guy had to coach baseball in the cold rain. He is such a great dad and didn't mind at all. He chose Coldstone mint ice cream cake.

Spring Break 2013

Spring break this year was pretty relaxed due to my large belly. :) A lot of our friends were out of town, but we managed to have some fun outings. 

Eliza and Mim

Penrod and Johnson big kiddos at frozen yogurt!

A sweet pic of these buddies.

A trip to Hands on Children's Museum

Great Wolf Lodge day trip with Beardsley's

Laine and Sadie

Eliza and Connor

So glad when dad came to meet us...they needed someone to go down slides with them since I wasn't about to go into labor going down water slides!

A fun day!

Easter 2013

We had the perfect Easter weekend. We all headed to Portland to spend the weekend with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncles Sean and Lance. The weather was perfect-even HOT  (80 degrees) for a 9 month pregnant girl like me. We enjoyed easter egg hunt, Nike, church, and always good company.

Eliza loved finding eggs, but was not so sure about the dressed up Easter bunny...

However, She loved the basket the Easter bunny left.

After Church...a rare picture of me VERY pregnant.

Loving the sunny Easter egg hunt.

Jimmy Johns for lunch.

Nike campus for some batting practice.

Grandpa plays catcher.

Dying Easter Eggs

Sadie LOVES anything crafty.

"G" is for girls-at Nike campus.