Saturday, January 29, 2011

Connor Sinks a 3 point shot!

Ryan is one proud daddy! Connor (#13) had a few misses, but made some pretty amazing shots as well at his basketball game today.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year!

We had a HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE celebrating by bowling with friends, ice cream, games, and movies at the Cammack's, and sparkling cider at midnight. Here's to 2011!

Up at Midnight!!!



Happy Birthday to Me at Great Wolf Lodge!

We went to Great Wolf Lodge on my birthday...not necessarily on purpose, but they happened to be running a special rate and that was the day that worked out for Ryan to take off work and go. We were sure glad the Cammack's were able to join us despite Nadia's bad back. Thursday night we enjoyed a couple of hours in the water, and then went back to our room where Ryan surprised me with delicious cupcakes. Then Eliza and I headed home, hoping for a better nights sleep and let the big kids and dad have a sleep over at the hotel. We returned in the morning and stayed until 4pm. Connor was much more brave this time and loved going down the slides. Sadie loved the kiddie area the first night and for the first little while the 2nd day, but was getting sick and wanted to "go home." She was a good sport though and sat pretty patiently until Connor was finally ready to leave. When we got home, I celebrated more by going out to dinner and dessert with my girlfriends.

Olivia and Connor
Coming off the slide

Santa Came

The kids were thoroughly spoiled this year. Favorite gifts were play mobile sets and Star Wars ships for Connor, and Princess Barbies and Calico Critters for Sadie. Santa brought a cute little market too, that I was more excited about than them, but they love it now and play with it all of the time. It certainly was a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Playing with new "Calico Critters"

Christmas Eve 2010

Grandma, Grandpa, Chad, and Lance were kind enough to come to our house for Christmas Eve. We had a nice Honey Baked Ham dinner, our own little pageant-with baby Eliza as Jesus, played Christmas songs with hand bells, and of course read the Christmas Story from the scriptures. It was such a special night!

Ryan asked if we could "photo shop" Sadie out of this.
Handsome guys!

This picture should have been our Christmas card. :)

Eliza trying her first bites of real food.

Our Attempt at a Christmas Card Photo

These are the photos I tried to take to send out a photo Christmas card. I never sent out Christmas cards because I didn't love any of them. They are funny to look at now though!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Eliza Claire 5 Months

I think all parents say this...but my how time flies with little babies. It's almost been half of a year since "Baby Elizy" (as Sadie calls her) joined our family. At 5 months she is now:
-Rolling Over from back to Tummy
-Using her hands to play and grab and scratch
-No teeth yet-but lots of drool
-Smiling and laughing
-Very ticklish
-Sleeping flat instead of in her "wedge" sitting up
-Napping better, but sleeping worse at night
-Very interested in food, but mom too lazy to feed her baby food
-Grabbing her toes (my favorite)
-She likes tummy time now!
-Still constantly loved by Connor, Sadie, and Cooper

Current weight: 14lbs

Tummy Time
More Toes
Smiles!!! We love you Eliza!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Eliza Claire -4 months

My little Eliza is getting big! We had a talk the other night and she promised me she would stop growing, but for now her 4 month stats are:
Height: 24inches (50th%)
Weight: 13.11 lbs(50%)
Head: BIG (90th%)
She got out of her 4 month shots for now because she was sick with ear infections and a cough. This is the first time she has been sick and we hope the last time for a while.

At 4 months, she is still a doll. Happy most of the time, but finding her voice. Not sleeping quite as well at night, but I still don't mind, because she just wants to eat and then go back to sleep. Her "newness" is not wearing off with Connor and Sadie at all. They still swarm her whenever she is awake. She can roll from her tummy to her back and is not only just staring at her hands, but using them a little bit now. She has such a big smile and quite the serious face too. Eliza is laughing and giggling regularly now too. Yippee! We enjoy her so much and thank Heavenly Father daily to have her!

Visit "Texas" Grandma and Grandpa

We had a fun visit with Grandma and Grandpa. It was pretty low key because of the frigid temperatures and having a newborn...but we managed to have some fun and relax too. We saw "Tangled" on opening day. I definitely recommend it! One of the best Disney movies yet. Grandpa did lots of sledding while the snow lasted with Connor. We also made a trip to good ole' Chuck-E-Cheese for some fun games. Thanks again for coming Mom and Dad!

Grandpa playing air hockey with Sadie (I think he is supposed to stay on his side of the line right???)
A ride together
Eliza would rather snuggle than play games!