Friday, July 16, 2010

Backyard Camping with Dad

We were supposed to go camping with several families at a church camp a couple of hours away this weekend. It is a really neat camp with horses and a water slide. I wanted to go because I felt like it was our last chance for a while and our kids are at such a fun age to camp. Ryan and my midwife talked some sense into me. It was extremely hot and I am only 3 and a half weeks away from my due date and probably not the best idea. So we went with plan B and set up camp in the backyard. The kids could not have been happier. Connor even told Grandma, " I can go in and use a clean potty instead of a yucky camping one!" They watched movies and ate treats in the tent, got glow sticks, and played with dad. I went inside to sleep and fully expected one of the kids to end up inside with me, but they all slept through the night until 8am! We had chocolate chip muffins for breakfast to top of the fun!

Sadie ready to sleep! (she actually talked and talked until almost midnight!)
Cooper got his own room in the tent!
What a good Dad!

Pool Party

We had some hot days last week-90's so we broke out the backyard pool. Ryan even got in on the fun!

Sadie doesn't like to keep clothes on when we are in the backyard!
Best Friends! (sometimes)

Strawberry Picking!

I've always wanted to bring the kids strawberry picking at our local Spooner Farm, but have always ended up buying them from the stand already picked. This year I thought both kids would enjoy it and they did! I still have freezer jam from last year so we picked just enough to eat on this week. They really are soooo much tastier than from the store. Connor said they tasted like candy! They both ate about a pound on the way home. One of the perks of living in the northwest-delicious berries!

Another Day at the Zoo

After the movie, we met our good friend's the Cammack's at our favorite spot-Elephant's Deli for lunch. Then we headed to the zoo. We saw some animals and enjoyed playing and eating elephant ears for our treat! Definately a fun filled day in Portland!

Olivia, Sadie, and Zach
Thomas and Connor
Bear Hugs!

Toy Story 3

Grandma, Sadie, Connor, and I went to the first showing on opening day of Toy Story 3. We all loved it! Sadie ate so much popcorn "her lips hurt." Connor ate his whole big bag of Gummy worms!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last day of Preschool and Cooper!

I can't believe that Connor is done with preschool! He loved this last year at Good Shepherd and I loved it too. His teacher's were soooooo sweet and I am grateful Sadie gets to go next year. Connor waited ALL year to bring Cooper for his "Sharing Day." The last day of school seemed like a great day to celebrate and bring him. Connor was so proud and all the kids loved petting and loving on Cooper. I was happy that he was so happy!

Final Vacation Photos!

We had some time before our flight the last day of our trip so we attempted to take a few pictures. You would think that we were literally torturing the kids rather than just taking a few pictures from the way they acted-but we managed to get a few "keepers." All in all- a wonderful vacation! I am so thankful we got to go,and can't wait to go back soon!

Notice Connor's head strategically placed in front of the pregnant belly!:)


Our last night we finally made it to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and eat smore's. I love that you just turn the fire on and there is the fire! Delicious treats and no "campfire" smell!

The heat was a little intense for Sadie.
Connor is an expert roaster!
Happy girl!

Laguna Beach Take Two- and In and Out!

After our less than happy trip to Laguna a few days before, we decided to have another go. This time was much more happy-although Sadie never took her shoes off for fear of more tar. She made friends on the playground right on the beach while Connor played on the beach and watched sand volleyball. Anette got to do a little shopping. Afterwards, we headed to In and Out. Yum! Sadie was very tired and ended up spilling both a drink and a milkshake. Ryan left and went to the car because he was so embarrassed-everyone but Sadie was done eating so I stayed with her and let her eat. Oh the joys of Family vacation!

Around the Resort

Just a few pictures from hanging out at the resort. Even though we did leave a bit, you really could spend the whole week just hanging out and enjoying everything at the resort. Connor loved the basketball court, tether ball, putting green, and of course the pool. Sadie LOVED the pool and the playground. It was the most comfortable she has ever been in the water. The pool had great long steps that she could swim and play on and feel very independent. I liked that I could watch her from the side because the pool was a bit cold for my liking. Ryan of course was a good sport and was in with the kids much more than I was!

At the playground with her "kids" (that's how Sadie refers to her stuffed animals) Bubbles and Russell.
What a view!
Koi Pond
Swimming with daddy!

Crystal Cove

After a delicious lunch at the Crystal Cove Beach Comber cafe-thanks to Grandma-we headed to the beautiful Crystal Cove beach. The kids were pretty impatient at lunch to go out to the beach and were not very well behaved. Ryan asked Connor what was up and he said, "Dad...HELLO-I can see the beach and sand RIGHT there and I just want to go play-not eat at a restaurant!" I guess he had a point! We had a great afternoon at the beach. I even dug a hole in the sand and layed out on my tummy for a while-a luxury pregnant women don't get very often!:) Connor and Sadie both got pretty brave and enjoyed playing in the waves and tide pools.