Thursday, September 29, 2011

Connor's 7th Birthday

Connor and Sadie returned home from "grandma and grandpa camp" to celebrate his birthday. We decided this year to make a rule to do "friend" parties every other year. That is what we have done thus far (not on purpose), and I was afraid of Connor not being ok with this, but surprisingly he was just fine. We had a "family" party with Mom, Dad, Sadie, Eliza, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Chad. On Connor's "to do" list for his birthday, was cake, presents, family walk/bike ride, and playing catch. I am glad we were able to accomplish all of his cute, simple wishes. He was so excited to get some Harry Potter Legos, a new baseball mit, a net that bounces baseballs back to him (not sure what its called-but basically allows him to play catch by himself ANYTIME-thanks Grandma and Grandpa Westover), a new BIG Star Wars ship, and a doggy pillow pet. What a lucky guy! I sure love my Connor. There is something special about a mother/son relationship that I am so thankful to have.

Some 7 year old Connor Tid Bits:
  • Connor loves all things sports-his favorite is whatever sport season he is playing at the moment. (Right now it is flag football.)
  • Connor LOVES his baby sister Eliza and is an excellent brother to her-he certainly be a better brother to his sister Sadie-the two are so incredibly different and often butt heads...I tell him all the time how grateful he will one day be to have Sadie for a sister-she is cute and will have cute friends for him to date I'm sure!
  • Connor is a great student. He is the "responsible" kid in his class that is always asked to walk kids to the nurse, assist others in their work, etc. (He would be a terrible homeschooler-doesn't respond well to me telling him to do things-but if I say "his teacher wants him to complete a task" he will.
  • I believe he is developing a strong testimony/relationship with Jesus and Heavenly Father. He enjoys church now (at least the Primary portion) and is excited to be baptized next year.
  • Connor is soooo active. The boy does not sit down unless I make him! When it is sunny especially-he wants to eat, play, and sleep outside.
  • He likes to watch nature and survival shows like "Big Cat Diary" and "Man vs Wild"
  • Connor has many friends and is getting good at being polite and respectful (vs shy) with new people.
  • He LOVES fruits and veggies-still pretty picky about main courses. Would eat ALL sweets if I let him.
  • Connor is independent. He gets dressed and ready for school himself-walks himself to class-and does not allow me to get him from the bus stop.
  • Recently is developing an interest in writing and drawing-I have to admit-so far not his best talent (gets that from me) but he enjoys it, so that's all that matters.
  • Loves music, loves to sing along and play drums-especially to Taylor Swift after attending her concert-Ryan says we need to listen to Pearl Jam more in the mini van. :)
  • His heros are his Grandpa and Dad-but when he needs something or wants to chat-Mama's #1
  • He really wishes he had a brother...
  • Connor is just a good kid-with some stinker moments for sure-but in my heart I think that he will make good choices when it counts. Love him!
Make a wish
It has now become tradition for Sadie to play Happy Birthday on the key board.
I love this one because everyone is in it-except for me.

Someday they will be friends right???
He couldn't decide between a cake or a cookie cake so I made both!

Happy (and Spoiled) kiddo
Eliza with HER 2 week old b-day balloons-wishing it was still her turn...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pasta Dash 2011

On the last evening of Mom and Dad's visit, we decided to do a local race called the Pasta Dash. Heidi Juergen's and I rocked it in the 10k and the dads and kiddos did the fun run. It was fun to do an event as a family and with friends. Sadie and Connor loved it so much, they were asking when the next race was on the way home.

2 Hot mama's with their 6 cute kids
Heidi Finishing
Me finishing
Mason, Thomas, Connor
Olivia and Sadie-Sadie surprised us all with her excitement and endurance. She tends to be a priss at times-but we were impressed with how well she did. 1 mile is quite a distance for little legs and she didn't complain a bit!
Connor and Thomas finishing together
Eliza along for the ride!
Before the race

Leavenworth 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Westover came to see us in August. We decided to go on a little getaway to a cute Bavarian village called Leavenworth. We stayed at a fun place where we enjoyed mini golf, swimming, arcades, and more. We tried to have a nice dinner-which Eliza pretty much ruined!! She was so loud had to have 2 diaper changes, etc. This is why we NEVER go to sit down dinners with one year olds!!! Unfortunately, most of the pics were on my mom's camera, but I did manage to snap a few. There is a beautiful park in town that the kids enjoyed rolling down the little hill and racing with Grandpa. They also loved all the candy stores in town. We also went on a walk along the river before leaving. It was a short, fun little trip.

Rolling down the grass hill

Racing Grandpa
Snoqualmie Falls on the way home

Sometimes they do enjoy one another :)
I love the tender look on Connor's face-he LOVES that baby sister of his!
She even has a look of "I'm going to be a huge pain-and ruin everyone's dining experience" on her face!"

Eliza Claire Turns 1!!!

Every mother says this, but it really is true...where did a whole year go?? My sweet, sweet girl turned one on August 8th. We had a little get together with a few of her favorite people-the Cammack family, Juergen's family, and Beardsley family. Eliza got her own cake and made a bit of a mess with it, but was not that impressed with it. She seems to be not that interested in sweets-yet. We enjoyed a spread of cookie cake, cupcakes, brownies, and fresh fruit. I think we ate more than her share. :) We sure all love our "Lizy" girl-and are so thankful for her! A few facts/thoughts about 1 year old Eliza...
  • Eliza is crawling fast and pulling up to everything-walking in the near future!
  • She has 8 teeth and cutting molars.
  • Amazing sleeper-napping 2 times a day+sleeping through the night.
  • Connor and Sadie still RUSH into her room when she awakes to steal some "alone" time before I get her out of her crib.
  • She can do the "shake"-like Sadie on demand (both fists and teeth clenched and whole body "shakes")
  • LOVES Cooper more than anyone in the family.
  • Friendly-will go to most anyone.
  • She will always smile for us-but takes quite a bit of effort for her to giggle.
  • Very independent.
  • Favorite place in the house at the moment (mom's least favorite)-climbing up in the dishwasher.
  • Destructive-she loves to make messes and destroy piles of neatly folded laundry.
  • Words-"mama" , "dodo" (dog), "dada"
  • Addicted to Baby Signing Time Videos and learning many signs
  • Content
  • Great Eater-love that she will eat whatever I give her!!
  • Mama's girl when I am around, but ok when I am not.
  • Favorite book (we just hid it because we are so sick of it) "That's Not my Bunny!"
  • Will snuggle when woken up out of her crib-but only very briefly :(
  • Getting some hair-but it is sooo white! We keep trimming it to spare her the embarrassment of a mullet.

Eliza's favorite party guest-Cooper!

Eliza and Daddy
Taking away berries to give her cake-she looks irritated by me...

Love Connor and Henry's Faces

The family

Charlie and Eliza
Boys playing football
Girls on the trampoline
Grandma entertaining the birthday girl!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Time

The first week in August we the kids and I decided to head to Portland to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa. When we got into town we went to Sweet Tomato-an all you can eat soup and salad buffet that the kids LOVE. I think they love the control of scooping their own food, and especially the self serve ice cream. The next day we went to see Winnie the Pooh (such a cute movie), to Powell's-a local bookstore, and Panera for lunch. The girls and I went to the park while Grandpa and Connor went shopping together. Always a nice break from household chores and such when we are there. I get to just be "mom" without worrying about lots to do, as well as pass the kids off with Grandma and Grandpa a little. :)