Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting

Saturday morning we went to two fabulous easter egg hunts in Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood. It was cloudy and cold, but the rain held off so thats all we can hope for this time of year in the Northwest. Connor was an egg hunting machine not stopping until all the eggs were found. Sadie, on the other hand, was content only picking up a few eggs (that were not m dirty) and then being done. I guess she is not our competitive one. We all enjoyed the hot chocolate and Krispy Kreme donuts!

The Easter Bunny even showed up!

Easter At "Portland" Grandma and Grandpa's

We always look forward to spending a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Since we don't have BYUTV at our house it has become sort of a tradition to go there for Conference weekend. This year it happened to be Easter weekend as well.
Sadie and her baby on the drive down...
Best Buds
Proud Boy
Showing off her masterpieces!
Connor and Sadie were treated with new P.J.'s the night we got there!
Grandma just got Sadie this "flower bed." She was so happy!

Spring at the Park

We've had some pretty nice days mixed in with the rain this Spring. One day at Tumwater Falls park, a fire truck stopped by and let the kids climb up in the truck. Pretty fun! We are looking forward to more and more "park" days in the near future!

Connor and his friend Mason

St. Patrick's Day

Since Valentine's Day was a bit of a bust this year, its a good thing our little sneeky leprechaun's came through for St. Patrick's Day. They left the kids some yummy treasure!

Sadie's favorite was the balloon.
Connor loved the chocolate!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So long, Farewell Texas

We had a great time visiting family and getting a little sunshine in Texas. We were sad to leave, but hopefully we'll make another trip soon. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and Melanie and Fam. for making it so fun! Here's a couple of pics we took on the plane. We ended up waiting over an hour on the runway before our 4 and 1/2 hour flight.:( Luckily the kids were pretty good.

Houston Aquarium

One rainy day during our visit, we ventured out to the Houston Aquarium. It was a rainy day so we thought we'd try something indoors. The kids had mixed feelings about it. They loved the big tanks and especially enjoyed the white tiger (not sure why they have tigers at an aquarium). None of them were big fans of the big snakes or alligators. I still think it was worth the trip!

We watched the tiger for at least 20 minutes.
The girls stuck to Connor (as if he would protect them from the tiger:))
This is how Sadie felt about the big snake!
Really cool HUGE tanks in the restaurant.

Cute Sara
Eating at the restaurant there!

Fun With Cousins!

My sister Melanie just moved into a beautiful new house that had a guest room so we got to stay with them for the first time ever. The kids had SOOOOO much fun together just playing. I was telling Connor that I feel like I hardly saw him all week because he was so content playing with Sara, Cole, and Aly. It was also fun to get a little extra time hanging out with my sister. We still had lots of good quality time with Grandma and Grandpa-probably a lot more basketball playing than Grandpa ever would have wanted thanks to Connor! Everytime we see cousins, I get sad we don't all live closer. Maybe someday???

Connor really wants some "cowboy" gear after playing in TX for a week!
Cutest cowboy and cowgirl I've ever seen!
Sadie topless at the park eating a popsicle (didn't want to ruin a white shirt!)

Getting some much needed sunshine at the park!
Connor and Aly taking a basketball break.
Had to bring the Jedi costume to fight Cole!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show

Despite Sadie getting double ear infections and pink eye only a day or two before we left for our trip for Texas, we made it! Thank goodness for antibiotics! (Once again our terrible luck with getting sick when we travel! Sadie has NEVER had ear infections and is RARELY strange!) The four and a half hour flight by myself was fine. The kids were great! Our first day there we went to the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show with Grandma and Grandpa Westover. Sadie had a great time! Connor was more concerned with getting home and playing with his cousin Cole (who had school all day), but managed to have some fun too.

Sadie loves characters!
Riding the cart that transported to and from the parking lot.
The cart ride was Connor's favorite thing of the day I think!
New chicks that just hatched.
The only animal Connor would pet-the cute white bunny.
One chick trying to hatch.
Brand new piglets.
Sadie LOVED the petting zoo!
Grandpa feeding the little goat.
Petting a deer!
Sadie on the Bumble Bee ride-She wouldn't let me go with her. Miss Independent had the whole ride to herself.
On the Carousel-always a favorite!

Valentine's Day

We had a rather uneventful Valentine's Day since it was on a Sunday. After hearing that friend's of Connor's friends got Star Wars Ships and other fun presents, Connor felt a little shorted. We did make and decorate yummy sugar cookies and Ryan and Connor brought me some lovely flowers on Saturday. I thought it was good, but maybe we'll try a little harder to make the day more exciting/"loving" next year!

The finished result!
Sadie was happy to have her very own bowl of frosting!
Sadie Concentrating Hard!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter Basketball

Connor has been a basketball fanatic since he could walk. We signed him up for his first "Y" basketball team. We had the most wonderful coach. He was so kind, encouraging, and fun for the boys. Connor did really well. His coach said he was the "best passer" and most unselfish player on the team. He scored several points each game too. He was so adorable to watch. We were sad to see the season end, but excited for the next season.

Getting his Trophy from Coach Trent
The Team
Action Shot