Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Rough Start to a Very Fun Trip

We had planned to leave for Boise to visit Adam, Nicole, and their girls at their home on the Monday night before Thanksgiving. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and mr sister Emily and her family we also going to spend the holiday in Boise. We had planned to go as far as Portland and then go the rest of the way Tuesday. After getting all packed up, cleaning the house, and dropping Cooper off at the Cammack's house, it was getting late so we decided to just get up early and go Tuesday morning. At about 11pm, however, we heard the sound of a toilet seat being opened up and Connor throwing up. We have the WORST luck with getting sick, before we are going to travel. I felt so bad for Connor. He is such a tough kid when he is sick. He grabbed a pillow and blanket and just lay himself down in the bathroom. He just wanted to be left alone. He ended up throwing up one more time and then seemed okay in the morning. After speaking to my family we decided to try to make the 9 hr drive and let him recover in the car. We waited until about lunchtime to pack up and go. He had kept food and juice down all morning. We got about 30 minutes south and he threw up in a bucket in the car. Ryan turned right around and we all went home for naps. We all felt better after naps and decided to drive through the night. The drive went very quickly-maybe because the kids and I slept most of the time. Ryan was a great sport. We arrived to Adam and Nicole's around 3am. My prayers were sure answered because Connor healed quickly and no one else got the bug he had. We ended up having a fabulous Thanksgiving. Thanks to Adam, Nicole, Madison, and Avery for having us! The next few posts are some highlights!

Early Christmas

We decided to exchange gifts a little early since we were all together. The kids were spoiled by their grandma and grandpa and their aunt and uncle. My mom did especially well for Sadie and Connor. They both got special suitcases filled with goodies. Sadie's had tons of princess stuff and dress-ups. Connor was most excited just about having his own suitcase. Inside was a play doctor set, some books, a movie, and a gift card to go pick something out at Target. Way to go Grandma. The kids love everything they got. Connor got a rad football from his cousins and Sadie got an adorable new baby. Thanks guys. We love you!

Hugging Uncle Tom- She was nice to him sometimes...
Connor's new football and Grandpa
Sadie, Jane, and Grandma
Sadie and Aunt Emily
Happy girl!

Grandpa Ken

The highlight of the trip for me was to get to spend time with my Grandpa. He is my last living grandparent and I love him to pieces! My kids love him too. It was so neat to have them get to know him a little better. Sadie took to him right away. The first morning we got to Boise we came down the stairs and he was the first person she saw. She hasn't seen him since she was about barely 1. She opened her arms and wanted him to take her from me. She doesn't even let Ryan hold her when she first wakes up. She gave him some tight squeezes and made him hold her until she got too heavy. Grandpa always has been quite the charmer! Grandpa, Emily, and I got to play canasta a few times, and I came out on top this time! (He and my dad kicked my butt when we played in June.) I know Grandpa missed having Grandma spend the wonderful holiday with us and we did too. It was sure a treat to have him come and I always feel her near when I spend time with him. Thanks to his great wife Jean for letting him spend Thanksgiving with us.

Hugs for Grandpa Ken

Hugs from Sadie
One last picture before he left to go cheer on the Cougs! Go BYU!


My sister made the cutest pajama pants for all of the cousins. They had such a fun time playing together. Ryan and I were laughing because we hardly saw Connor the whole trip because he was so busy playing with Ethan. I sure wish we lived closer so we could play with cousins more often.

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All of the cousin lined up in their PJ pants
Crazy Sadie!
Luke, Obi-Wan, and Pad-Me

Park and Girls Day Out

The day after Thanksgiving, we decided to skip the sales and go to the park. It was a beautiful, but cold day. The kids didn't seem to notice the cold as much as the adults. It was nice to get some fresh air and to burn off a little turkey! When we had had enough of the cold, the boys headed home to watch Star Wars and Football on Adam's HUGE screen in the media room. You'll notice of all the pictures taken there are none of Ryan. That is because he spent the whole weekend , along with the other guys, in the "bat cave"/media room watching sports. They did come out to go to an actual Boise State football game and occasionally for food. :)
The girls decided to go see Santa, then to Build a Bear, and then to a fun candy store. Much better than football in my opinion! Sadie told Santa that she wants a Princess bike like her friend Lexi. She wasn't afraid of Santa at all this year.

Connor and Avery swinging
Sadie and I on the teter-totter
The sun in Connor's eyes!
Sadie with her friend Santa

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trick or Treating

I stayed home to pass out candy this year while Ryan and the kids went out to trick or treat with the Cammack's. We have a great neighborhood for trick or treating and enjoy it every year. I think my kiddos looked pretty darn cute!

Enjoying her candy
She caved and let us put her coat on.
Preparing to go out
Alice and Obi- Wan

Connor's Halloween Cake

On Halloween, it seemed we were waiting all day for Trick-or Treating, so during Sadie's nap Connor and I headed to Fred Meyer. They were offering free cake decorating for kids. Connor decorated his all himself and loved every minute of it. Maybe we have a future pastry chef on our hands!

Cute boy
There is Connor with a grean light saber, Cooper, pumpkins, a purple bat, and a orange border.
Licking the frosting on his Cake Dome Cover

Preschool Halloween

The Friday before Halloween we had a play date with Connor's new friend Mason and his little sister Lauren. Its fun to make new friends. Then the kids got geared up in their costumes and went to preschool.

The whole class
Sadie, Connor, Connor, and Mason
The Jedi

Conference Weekend in Portland

We always love Conference weekend. Its nice to have a week off from our church callings, to hear from our prophet and apostles, and to spend some quality time with family. Spending the weekend in Portland makes it even better. It always feels like a mini-vacation when we go there. After the Saturday morning session, we took a little outing to the mall. We ate at Cheesecake Factory (YUMMY). Connor of course made a trip to the Lego store with Grandpa and Sadie picked out a princess shirt at Build a Bear for her Teddy Bear. Life is good!

Grandma has waited lots of years to cruise the mall with a girl!
Connor and Grandpa in front of the Lego store
Showing off his new Star Wars mini-figures
Daddy and Sadie at Lunch

Fall Soccer

We had a fun experience playing Soccer this Fall. The highlight for Connor was playing with his best buddy Carson. I was really impressed with the coaches and the set up-much better than what we have done in the past. It was low pressure, but with just enough structure. I loved that they played 3 on 3 with no goalies, so the kids got a lot more chances to kick the ball. Most importantly, Connor had a smile on his face and had fun each time. We can't wait for Spring soccer!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hunter's Pumpkin Patch

Once again, we took advantage of the beautiful weather at the beginning of October and headed to Hunter's Pumpkin Patch after Ryan got home from work one evening. It was nice because we had the place to ourselves. Hunter's tends to get really crowded on the weekends. We picked pumpkins pretty quickly and then played on the slide and fed the goats. A great way to spend a crisp October.
Sadie getting food for the goats.
Connor sending the food up for the Goats.
Gorgeous View of Mt. Raineir
Connor getting ready to go down the slide!
Sadie LOVED the Slide

Mom and Daughter
Dad and Son

Sprinkler under the Trampoline!

The kids were still able to jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it in October. Yeah for long summers-I sure dread when the rain comes, but we took full advantage of every nice day we were given.


While Ryan was away golfing for the morning the kids and I headed to one of our favorite places to visit in the Fall-Lattin's Cider Mill. We LOVE the fresh, hot apple fritters (okay, okay...I love them)! The kids love to feed the goats and visit the pumpkin patch. We had perfect weather for a perfect day on the farm.

Sun was a little bright!
Using the pulley to get food to the goats at the top of the goat walk
Enjoying Donuts and milk
Feeding goats
Connor recently LOVES to pose for the camera
Cute kiddos!
Sadie on the little Carousel