Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adair Cousin Visit August 2012

We literally waited half a year for the Adair cousins to come visit. Tom's family had a reunion here in Washington, so it was a good excuse to spend 2 weekends with us. Sadie asked me for months if it was "summer" yet and then had to wait until August. It was worth the wait.  Here are a few pictures from the first few days they were at our house...

Picnic at the park.

Cute girl cousins.

Handsome boys.

Playing in the river.

Lucy's "owie"

Ashley, Em, and I had a little pampering at the nail spa.

The finished product.

Pool in the backyard.

Donuts and fritters at Lattin's.  
We spent one afternoon at the pool since we had someone come look at our house. It was a bit inconvenient, but a fun day anyway!

More Summer Activities 2012

Just a few pictures of some happy things we did this summer. 

Dad and the girls at the Valley outdoor swimming pool.

Sadie did gymnastics classes.

She also did swim lessons.

Connor and Henry at Scout Camp!

Ensign Ranch Camping 2012

We got together with several families to go camping at Ensign Ranch again this year. This time Eliza got to come (she stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa last year). Ryan took Friday off and we were able to set up camp this year before it got too late. The kids, of course, loved running around in the dark with their friends, eating junk, and staying up late. Eliza spent a good portion of here night watching Thomas the Tank Engine in the tent.  After a typical terrible nights sleep, we had a good day on the giant slip and slide, horse back rides, and playing with friends. I decided that we camp for kids. They LOVE it! I think it is a lot of work and dirty.  Good thing I like them.

Ragnar 2012

Ryan decided to stay home with the kids this year while I went with my girlfriends (and Spenser :) to do the overnight Ragnar relay again. We were the "Motley Crue" and we all dressed up as different hair bands. I had WAY more fun this year because we got to shower and sleep in a clean hotel room for a few hours... Made SUCH a difference!  I also lucked out with great weather for my runs. The course is so beautiful and the friends were even better. Can't wait to do it again!

Woodland Park Zoo

Nadia and I decided that a cool summer day would be perfect for the zoo. We drove to Seattle for the day to enjoy the animals at Woodland Park. A good time was had by all! Who doesn't love good friends AND animals??

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sadie's and Laine's Ear Piercing!

I have told Sadie for a long time that she can get her ears pierced whenever she is ready. She and her friend Laine discussed it and decided they wanted to go for it! So the moms and the daughter's set off for the mall and got them done. The girls were both a little nervous, but were pretty brave. It was a fun "girly" outing to do together. I was scared more of the aftercare than the actual piercing, but Sadie was very diligent about reminding me to clean her ears, and so far no problems. She is loving changing her earrings now and showing her Kindergarten teacher when she puts a new pair in. One of Laine's earrings accidentally fell out a few weeks after piercing, and she decided she would rather wait to get earrings again until she is a teenager. So cute!

Laine getting ready!

Sadie was all smiles!

Dinner after at the mall food court! 

"Mini- Me's"

Showing off the side view! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soccer Camp 2012

Sadie and Connor both did a soccer camp in August. I'm not sure how I didn't get any pictures of Connor (oops!), but he REALLY enjoyed it. I thought the camp was really well done and good for both kids. Connor hasn't played soccer on a team since he was much younger, but really enjoys playing. Sadie was very excited and tried her best, but I'm not sure it is "her sport" just yet.  I'm happy that they both participated with happy attitudes and had good experiences. At the end of the camp I told Sadie that I had signed her up for a soccer team with some friends for the fall and she said that she would like a "break" from soccer. So...I called and asked for a refund! :) 

I think this is Connor. :)