Thursday, October 14, 2010

For My Sister Emily...

My sister has been begging me to post some more recent pictures of Eliza so here they are! She is still as sweet as ever. Just had her 2 month check up. She weighs 11.2lbs (50th percentile), 23inches long (75th percentile). Hope you enjoy!

My favorite!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Connor's First Day of School

My baby boy is in Kindergarten! I know everyone says this, but it really did come so fast. Because we had him wait until he was six (because of his late August birthday), I really wasn't very sad to see him go. He was soooooo ready and excited. Ryan was still on leave his first week of school, so he dropped him off. Connor quickly shooed him away and then insisted he ride the bus home on the FIRST day. He has really become an independent little guy-which I never would have predicted a few years ago. After a couple of days of being dropped off, he said "Mom, will you PLEASE not walk me to class?" I don't think he is embarrassed of us yet-just wants to be independent and prove he can do things himself. What a guy!
We had awesome start, with a teacher he loved, but due to high class numbers they had to hire a new teacher, and Connor got switched. His new teacher is kind, but I feel like we are still adjusting. Luckily, Connor is pretty adaptable, and took the change well.

(Sadie wanted her picture taken too!)
My handsome Kindergartener

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Texas" Grandma's Visit

We had Eliza at a bad time for my mom's work schedule. She was just starting a new school year as a fourth grade teacher, so she wasn't able to come for the birth. Luckily she came a few weeks later and even got to be here for Eliza's blessing. We are sure glad she came and glad she could meet Eliza!

Sleeping Beauty

Dressed as Cinderella...watching her current favorite movie Little Mermaid. Guess I'm not the only one tired from having a new baby.

Connor's Sixth Birthday Party

We gave Connor many options for his "friend" party. We offered Chuck-E-Cheese, pool party, Mariner's Game, but Ryan came up with the winning idea. He told Connor that he would take all of his buddies to the high school baseball field and play a game. Its so funny that sometimes the most simple ideas are the best. The good news is that all of the kids he invited were able to come- bad news is that it was RAINY! We were so bummed to wake up to a rainy day in August, but we do live in the Northwest! The kids really didn't seem to mind at all as seen by the photos. They had so much fun! We had lunch first, then they played baseball for an hour, and then came back and ate cake, and opened presents. The perfect simple, but great. I think Connor's words say it all..."Thanks mom and dad, that was the BEST PARTY EVER!" I have to give Ryan most of the credit-he played in the rain and put together awesome goodie bags-another perk of paternity leave.:)

Connor at Bat
Sadie dressed for the game too (although she decided to stay and play with her friend Lauren instead of getting wet!)

Make a wish!
The family-(minus Eliza)
Love this Picture!
Cute Boys

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sadie sure loves her sister. She sometimes gets in trouble for "loving" her too much. I feel bad about that. Its a fine line between wanting her to love her sister and protecting Eliza. :) I am grateful that Sadie loves her so much. I did not pose these pictures. I came into the livinig room and Sadie had wedged herself in beside Eliza on the couch. Luckily a camera was close! Pretty precious!

Sadie 3, Eliza 3 weeks

Portland Again...

We love to spend time in Portland. It is such a great city. This time Ryan's parents were out of town, but we met our friends the Werner's there. We had a rough start and had to call a locksmith to get into the house because we grabbed Ryan's mom's car key instead of the house key.:) This time we went to the zoo and to the Portland Temple. Connor is really "into" animals these days and enjoyed being the photographer for the day. Sadie's favorite was our ride together on the steam train. Eliza was a good girl always!

Connor's favorite-the cheetah

Portland Temple
Cute kids on Temple Grounds


We were able to spend several days poolside during Ryan's paternity leave. Eliza and I loved sitting poolside while Ryan entertained the kids in the pool.

Eliza's First Trip to Grandma and Grandpa's/ Connor B-Day Celebration

At just 2 weeks old, we went to Portland to visit Grandma and Grandpa. It is always a good time. Connor and Ryan went to Cupcake Jone's and picked up some cupcakes to celebrate Connor's 6th birthday. Yummy!

Happy Boy
Loves from Grandma and Grandpa

Sadie was so excited to play "Happy Birthday" Song on her little keyboard
Happy about the "cash" he got from Gr. and Gr. (He has been really into "cash" right now!)