Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Crazy Hair" Sadie

Ryan and I were running around the house getting ready for our CA trip so Sadie decided to burn some energy jumping on the Trampoline. Ryan snapped these that morning. Pretty classic "Crazy Sadie!"

Day at Home

The weather had been really nice this week and it seemed like we were go, go, going all the time. We had tons of playdates and park days. I was actually relieved the other day when it was not so nice outside and we decided to have a "Fun Day" at home. We stayed in our jammies all day and painted, made cookies, read stories, took naps, and I caught up on a few chores. Most days I don't like being home all day, but today it was a good thing!

They spent most of their time painting with brushes, but ended up painting with their bodies. Normally we only do this outside, but I was feeling more laid back today so I said they could. Connor was shocked when he asked and I said "Yes." He told me I was "The Best Mom Ever!" Totally worth cleaning up the mess!

Mother's Tea

Connor's preschool class put on the most adorable "Mother's Tea" the Friday before Mother's Day. I started crying the first song they sang. I chalk it up to pregnancy hormones-but they were so dang cute! The class sang several songs and then served us cake, fruit, and the drink of our choice. So sweet! Connor filled out a paper with his teachers about me. The prompt said write a description of why your mom is special:
"She takes care of me and she takes care of m dog and feeds him. She goes to my baseball games and takes me for walks. She buys my toys. She lets me babysit babies and dogs."

He also filled out a questionaire about me at church Sunday. Here is what he said:

My mother is... 34 years old (actually 28:)
My mom likes to eat...potatoes.
My mom's favorite game is...Hide and Seek.
My mom would never... say bad words (I wish this were true)!
My mom's favorite game is... hide and seek.
When we are outside, my Mom likes to... blow bubbles
My mom is really good at... making lunches.
Something my Mom says a lot is.. good morning.
My favorite thing to do with my mom baseball.
My Mom's favorite thing to do with me is... lay down and cuddle with me.
Something my Mom has taught me... is to read.
I know my Mom loves me because she... gives me hugs.

Ryan made his first French Toast for me for the first time on Sunday morning. He looked up a recipe online and made it well. The only funny thing was he was quite overwhelmed by getting mine ready and wanted me out of the kitchen, that he didn't make anything for the kids first. So, despite being delicious, I only had a few bites of my fresh fruit (Connor ate it all) and my French toast (Sadie ate most of it). Its definately the thought that counts though, and probably better for my pregnancy weight gain! After church I told Ryan, I would rather make dinner in peace while he entertained the kids. We had a peaceful dinner and then I went to bed early (I was starting to feel sick) and Ryan cleaned up very well. So nice to wake up to a tidy downstairs! I do love being a mom and wife and feel very blessed to have the family I do!

Spring Break

So the weather over "Spring Break" was not very springy at all (no surprise here in Washington). Ryan had a really busy work week so, the kids and I decided to head down to Portland for a couple of days. The days are always "sunny" at Grandma and Grandpa's house! We met Grandma at our favorite spot-Elephant's Deli for some delicious lunch, then headed to the Portland Children's museum. The kids had a fun time exploring a different Hand's On Museum. I think the favorite spot of everyone was the cute grocery store. It was very much like the real thing. Connor preferred to be the "checker" and Sadie loved to shop. After a few hours of play we headed back to the house. We decided to go to "How to Train Your Dragon" now that Grandpa was home from work. We all LOVED it! Sadie sat very still and surprisingly really wasn't scared at all. Connor had his hands over his ears for a lot of it. He seems to do this when he is scared or nervous to just cut out some of the stimulation. He of course can still hear and see everything that is going on. As soon as the movie was over both kids wanted to see it AGAIN! On the way home, we stopped for some Jamba's, and Connor and Grandpa went next door to Subway. Connor loves to get just plain wheat bread there every once in a while. We always have paid one dollar for just the bread, but this weird store said they wouldn't sell just the bread unless they wanted to pay five dollars (what a foot long would normally cost). All of you that know how cheap I am would have walked right out...but only Grandpa would pay 5 bucks for some bread just to make Connor happy! What a guy! After a fun filled day, the kids slept very well-and I even went to bed early. The next day we went to Deseret book and picked out a few church books, and then went to a yummy lunch at Olive Garden. We also stopped by the mall and Target and of course the kids picked out little surprises there from Grandpa and Grandma. Connor is always very clear that "He did not ask for anything. It was Grandpa's idea!" Too funny! We decided to head home later that night to see daddy for the weekend. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for making our Spring Break much brighter!

Hard at work!
The little Shopper
Trying on a Kangaroo tail/pouch!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sadie Turns Three!!!

Our sweet and crazy Sadie turned three on April 17th! I know I say it every year, but it is amazing that she is 3 already. We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson by after Connor's baseball game and her choice for lunch-McDonald's. She opened her presents with her helpful big brother. She got a new doll house with accessories, some princess books, clothes, and lipstick. So fun!

I got lazy this year and ordered her requested Princess Cake-but Sadie loved it! She also specifically requested cookie dough ice cream to go with it.
Getting ready to make a wish!
I love this typical Sadie face!

Playing with her new dollhouse
Connor helping to open gifts
Happy Girl!
Holding her Cinderella balloon before opening presents-she was very patient to wait until after lunch to open them.

I thought I'd write down a few little things I'd like to remember about Sadie at age 3.
We sure are grateful to have Sadie in our family. She adds a lot of spunk that otherwise would be missing. I'm told by my mom, dad, and grandpa that she reminds them of me when I was little. (Scary thought!) She can be the sweetest girl in the world, and gives the BEST hugs! Her smile and laugh are infectious! She also can dish out some serious attitude that makes me fear for the teen-age years. I am grateful that she is good for others. I am always told that she is an "angel" in nursery, at the gym, and at friend's houses. I guess she saves her "best" behavior for us! I am proud of the way she treats others for the most part and is very good at playing nicely with friends for her age. She is my champion sleeper and rarely if ever has woken us up in the night since before she was one. She still loves her crib and has no desire to move to a big girl bed. Her current interests are princesses (although she is not into dressing up or being called a princess herself at the moment), stuffed animals (especially her little dog from Uncle Lance named Russell), babies, playing with Connor (and other friends), riding around the neighborhood in the wagon (she has a bike, but doesn't want to pedal yet), watching any type of girly movie, and reading books. Her favorite books-and the one's I am sick of- are Pinkalicious, Purpleicious, and our Disney fairytale books. She has them all memorized and it is very cute to see her read them herself or to change the words while we are reading and she will correct us. Her favorite song is I am a Child of God. I really need to get her on tape singing it because she is precious. Sadie has mixed feelings about becoming a big sister. At random times she will lift up my shirt and kiss and hug my "baby" (belly) and say, "I love you baby!" Other times she will say, "I don't want to be a big sister!" We'll see how she does when baby sister arrives. We Love You Sadie!!!!

Baseball Season 2010 Begins!

Connor has been very excited for this year's season of baseball because he finally gets to play coach pitch. So far he is doing well and having fun. I love to see how serious he is at the games. He will hardly even make eye contact with us because he is too "in to" the game. What a cutie!

Sadie, Russell, and Bubbles enjoying the game from her own "pink chair"