Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday Outings to the Highschool

We have a tradition of going to the fields of the highschool just behind our neighborhood every Sunday afternoon/evening. We load the kids in the wagon ( or sometimes Connor rides his bike) and always bring lots of sports gear. Ryan and Connor play soccer, football,tennis, or baseball. Sadie and I just run around and sometimes pet and feed the horses that live in the pasture next to the fields. Cooper joins the fun too playing fetch with frisbee. Last week Cooper found a friend- a Lab puppy to run around with. The fields were a little soggy and both dogs got sooooo muddy. Ryan had to give him a bath in the backyard in the dark when we got back. We all love this little family tradition .


Last week we had been in the house a lot because of rainy weather and sick kids, so I decided to take the kids to a Chuck-e-Cheese's (a place I usually try to avoid). We spent about $5 and had over an hours worth of fun. Connor of course loved the sports games like air hockey, basketball, and ski ball. Sadie liked driving the little cars and interfering with any game Connor was trying to play. Gotta love little sisters! We went home to have baths, eat dinner, and I took off to Young Women's. Ryan appreciated that they ran off some steam so they went to bed a little better. I guess Chuck-e-Cheese's can be a fun outing...but I still won't eat the pizza!:)

Trick or Treating

The trunk or treat was followed up by a fabulous night of trick-or-treating. It rained all day and we were gearing up for a wet night, but about an hour before starting the rain stopped and a really cool fog came in. It was a perfect crisp, cool, fall night for trick-or-treating. Anette and Mark came down to see the kids dressed up, and to pass out candy while we were out and about. Our old neighbors, the Brodaks, and their 3 kiddos came over and we did almost the whole neighborhood. Connor decided about 3/4 of the way that he was done and wanted to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. He really enjoyed helping with the passing out. I tried so hard to convince him to come back out because our friends the Cammack's had come over to trick or treat with us and the Brodak's weren't done yet either, but there was no convincing him. Sadie was soooo cute...and stubborn. She wanted to walk the whole time AND hold her own bucket. Since I knew she didn't need much candy I would try to stand back with her while Connor and his friends would go to the doors, but she would have none of that. She had to hit every door. I'm afraid we have quite and independent and opiniated girl on our hands. (I wonder where she gets that?) After dropping the kids off at home, we went to the annual chili dinner at Fourtners and had fun hanging out with friends and YUMMY food. What a great night!

Connor Ready for his Preschool Halloween Party