Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great Wolf

My parents came into town from Houston last week. We were excited to have them because it had been a while since they had come. (Texas is too far away!) So we wanted to do something fun for both adults and kids. Unfortunately you can't count on the weather here until end of June or July, so we decided to do something indoor. There is a place about 15 minutes south of us called Great Wolf Lodge. It is a hotel with a HUGE indoor water park. All of the adults had a fun on the larger water slides. Connor loved the "kiddie" slides, but is my ever cautious one and refused to try the big slides. We even tried bribing him with a new lightsaber to just try it,but he said. "no way!." Sadie had fun, but was a little overwhelmed by all the noises and echoes. It took her a while to get used to the 1000 gallon bucket that dumped every few minutes, but she looked awfully cute in her new swimsuit! All in all it was a "Great" time!

Hanging out with Grandma
Connor spraying water at Grandpa

Looking cute! (you can tell she is messing with her wristband that bugged her for both of the days)
Can you see this was taken on our way out after the kids had spent 2 sold says swimming??? They were a little tired and hungry
Me with the kids. (I did get in with them,but I do have to admit the water was only 84 degrees, and I prefer at least 90 degrees)