Monday, November 16, 2009

Hunter's Pumpkin Patch

Once again, we took advantage of the beautiful weather at the beginning of October and headed to Hunter's Pumpkin Patch after Ryan got home from work one evening. It was nice because we had the place to ourselves. Hunter's tends to get really crowded on the weekends. We picked pumpkins pretty quickly and then played on the slide and fed the goats. A great way to spend a crisp October.
Sadie getting food for the goats.
Connor sending the food up for the Goats.
Gorgeous View of Mt. Raineir
Connor getting ready to go down the slide!
Sadie LOVED the Slide

Mom and Daughter
Dad and Son

Sprinkler under the Trampoline!

The kids were still able to jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it in October. Yeah for long summers-I sure dread when the rain comes, but we took full advantage of every nice day we were given.


While Ryan was away golfing for the morning the kids and I headed to one of our favorite places to visit in the Fall-Lattin's Cider Mill. We LOVE the fresh, hot apple fritters (okay, okay...I love them)! The kids love to feed the goats and visit the pumpkin patch. We had perfect weather for a perfect day on the farm.

Sun was a little bright!
Using the pulley to get food to the goats at the top of the goat walk
Enjoying Donuts and milk
Feeding goats
Connor recently LOVES to pose for the camera
Cute kiddos!
Sadie on the little Carousel

Endless Summer

We had the most beautiful September that I can remember since living here. It felt like summer was going to last forever. Too bad it didn't! We sure did enjoy it while it lasted. These pictures are from a day at the end of September. Connor spent the afternoon in the backyard hanging out and doing a little painting and then since the pool at our club was closed for the season we went to a friends apartment complex.

Connor's Masterpieces

Mariner's Game

Connor and Ryan spent many evenings in the Summer and Fall watching Mariner's games on T.V. Connor begged all season to go to a game, so we finally made it to one with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson to see Mariner's vs Yankee's. We thought we would just go get the cheap seats like we've always had before-left field bleachers for $7. Well we showed up and, because they were playing the Yankee's the game was just about sold out. We ended up getting 30 dollar tickets that were way higher than the bleacher seats and in front of a pole. Thanks to Grandpa for picking up that bill! I guess next time we'll have to plan a little better. We had a great time and of course ate lots of junk food!

Connor's First Day of Preschool 2009

We thought long and hard as to whether or not to start Connor in Kindergarten this year. He turned 5 on August 27th so he just barely made the deadline. I think in most ways he was completely ready. He is tall enough, socially is much less shy than he used to be, knows everything academically that he needs to know, etc. After much thought and prayer we decided to keep him home one last year. He is a kids that LOVES being at home, and I love him to be here too. I figure it will be nice for him to be one of the older kids rather than the youngest. Ryan says it will be good for sports! (We did not base our decision on this:) We loved the Gingerbread House preschool, but he had already done two years there, so I decided to enroll him at the Good Shepherd preschool. He is in the afternoon class 3 days a week from 12:30-3pm. We are loving it. His teachers are SOOOO sweet and he has already made some good friends. Here is a picture from his first day.

Daddy's Little Rock Stars!

One of the kid's favorite things to do with dad when I am gone sometimes in the evenings is to play their own version of "Rock Band." Ryan blasts some rock music for them and Connor usually plays Ryan's guitar , Sadie sings and dances, and Ryan does whatever they tell him to. I think the night Ryan took these pics they were rocking out to the Beattles. Good times!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pool Fun

We spent many, many hours at the pool both at the resort and a whole day at Uncle Lance's pool. Sadie prefers lounging either in a chair outside the pool or with her tube in the pool. Connor's swimming has really improved over the summer. He is a little fish and loves to dive for toys and play catch with some sort of ball in the pool. Goggles are a must with him!

New Computer at Last

So I finally got a new computer this weekend. (My old one that I have been using is about 10 years old.) Yeah!!!!! I just downloaded the rest of our August vacation and our fall pictures to my new computer so you'll have to bear with these posts that actually happened 3 months ago. Eventually I'd like to make my blog entries into a photo book so I can't just leave out 3 months of the year. Feel free to ignore all of these posts and check back in a week or so when I am all caught up!

Newport Beach

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of our 9 day vacation was -Disneyland or Newport Beach it would be very difficult to decide. After 5 days of go, go, going at Disneyland, it was so relaxing to check in to our beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen, villa at Newport Beach. Ryan went grocery shopping the first evening we got there and then we really went no where except the beach, the pool, and hanging around the gorgeous Marriott Resort for 4 days. We got a great deal (200 dollars for all 4 days) through attending a time share presentation. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the kids and I at Crystal Cove beach. Sadie and Connor both loved playing in the sand, wading in the tide pools, and collecting shells.