Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ELiza Claire-6 months

It's been half a year already! We are still enjoying baby Eliza everyday. If I could freeze her and make her stop growing I sure would...Here are a few things she is up to now...
Weight: 16 1/2lbs (50th%)
Height: 26 inches(50th%)
Head : Big (90th%)
Teeth: 2 little front bottom teeth trying to poke through
She is rolling and turning all over the place. She is starting to get up on her knees and rock (Yikes!!!)
She is still so smiley and giggly. Her brother and sister STILL can not get enough of her. Their favorite game is for me to hold her facing out and have her chase them and "get" them.
Eliza is starting to eat solids...takes bottles most of the time...but still prefers to nurse.
She is still napping well, nights are hit or miss. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

One of the local high schools here puts on a daddy daughter dance. I signed Sadie and Ryan up, not sure if either would really want to go. To my surprise they both were happy to go, and had such a wonderful time. Ryan picked out a new dress and shoes for Sadie, that she was VERY excited about(although these are now "only her daddy daughter dance clothes"...she wouldn't wear them to church the next morning-silly girl!) Ryan let her choose a dinner place of her choice and she chose Panera for a "pink cream cheese bagel." After dinner, they headed to the dance where they enjoyed making wands, ice cream sundaes, stories, entertainment, and of course DANCING! I was surprised to hear that Sadie not only danced with her friend Lauren, but with Ryan too. She tends to be self conscience at times, but Ryan said you would never have guessed it the way she got her groove on! I am so happy they had a good time. Ryan feels like he earned some serious Sadie points as she can be mean to him sometimes...if she only knew how much he adores her.

Portland Trailblazers

Chad gave Ryan Portland Trailblazers basketball tickets for Christmas so Connor, Ryan, and Sadie headed down to Grandma and Grandpa's a few weekends ago. Sadie stayed with Grandma and played while Connor and Ryan went to the game. They had soooo much fun! I sure wish I could have recorded the conversation I had with Connor on their way home from the game. He was more excited than I think I have ever heard him about anything. Ryan said he cheered, chanted, kept score, and of course admired the cheerleaders with the binoculars! :) I have a feeling they will be going back soon. P.S. Since Eliza hasn't been sleeping well even at home I stayed home with her-for fear of getting NO sleep there. We had some good one on one time together...and I did a bit of relaxing (ie icecream and popcorn in bed while watching movies). It was awfully quiet, however, and I was glad for them to come home on Sunday. It was a great weekend for everyone!