Sunday, June 22, 2014

Austin's first week

Austin's first week or so of life was filled with love, no sleep, lots of fussing, and more love...

He wasn't so sure of the swing at first.

One of my favorite pictures of Eliza and Austin. Such a proud big sister!

One of the few times he EVER took a binky. Sadie and Connor LOVE him so much too.

More love from Eliza.

Love that face!

Both boys sporting their Nike clothes.

Bath time with lots of help.

She is a natural.

Lauren is also a little mamma!

First walk around the neighborhood with Austin and Eliza.

This face was pretty typical of Austin's first few months of life. He was slightly on the grumpy side and on the verge of being really mad much of the time.

A little more pleasant face :)