Monday, August 23, 2010

Eliza's First 2 weeks!

We are soooo in love with our Eliza Claire. She is already growing too fast. I'm not sure if its because she is our third and we are a little more easy going now, or because she is a wonderful baby, or because Ryan is home for 6 weeks, or because I am feeling better than I have with the other 2, or all of the above, but we have really enjoyed every moment with our new baby girl. So far she is still pretty sleepy, but she only fusses when she needs something, and is generally very content. Sadie and Connor are still fascinated with her. She is the first person they want to see in the morning and the last they kiss good night. She has had both good and bad nights when it comes to sleep, but she isn't up crying all night-just up to eat or have a diaper change and usually goes back down. She sleeps pretty well in her bassinet, but Loves to snuggle in bed with Ryan or I. We are so grateful to have her, and for all the wonderful friends and family that have brought us meals, come to visit, sent generous gifts, or called or emailed. We have felt very loved!:)

Eliza already has Daddy wrapped around her finger!
Day out at the park with the Family!

Exactly 2 weeks old-just out of the bath and modeling her new double chin!
So Proud
Sleeping Beauty-or as Sadie would say Sleeping "Booty"
1 week old and getting chubby already!
Connor and Eliza share the same hair line-a very distinct widows peak!
3 days old
Eyes open

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sadie's Prayer

Sadie said the family prayer the first night Eliza was home from the hospital. Here is what she said:
" Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you that we can be a family. Thank you that our baby sister is not dead. Thank you that our baby is not dumb. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Eliza Claire Johnson

Grandma with another girl to spoil!
Proud Uncle
Big Brother

We are so happy to announce the arrival of Eliza Claire! We finally decided on her name on the way out of the hospital. Ryan made the final call-and we all think it fits her perfectly. She decided to make her entrance on Sunday August 8th at 3:16pm. She weighed 7 lbs and was 19 inches long. Her birth was a little bit of a whirlwind! I had pretty good contractions all night Saturday, but not enough to keep me awake all night and by the morning they were pretty much gone. Ryan left for a church meeting at 11 and the rest of us were all getting ready, when my girlfriend called to check on me and told me that I needed to call my midwife. I think she was inspired, because I may have given birth at church if I hadn't called. My midwife was already at the hospital and told me to come on in to check me. The admissions nurse hooked me up to monitors and was ready to send me home because I wasn't having regular contractions. My midwife came in and checked me and I was already dilated to an 8! By the time they got me to a labor and delivery room I was a 9 and still not in pain. My midwife broke my water at 1:30pm. Then I finally felt some major pain! Within minutes I was a 10 and ready to push. Unfortunately, Eliza was face up and a little difficult to push out so I pushed for a little over an hour. This was my first time with no epidural and I have to say it HURT, but I did like not having an IV or needle in my back and felt much better after. Ryan was patient, despite me being a little psycho! My midwife Karen was AMAZING! She never left my side and was sooo calm and encouraging. Ryan was very impressed by her as well! Sadie and Connor are in LOVE! The only problem is them fighting over who helps with her and who gets to hold her first. Ryan's parents and Lance were great to stay with the kids and bring them to visit twice. We got to come home Monday afternoon to a yummy dinner and happy kids. We are so fortunate to have such great family so close! So far she is an angel baby (knock on wood:) and we feel very blessed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Batting Cages and Miniature Golf

We had some beautiful weather last week and decided to take advantage and go on a fun family outing. Connor LOVED both the batting cages and golf. Sadie just kind of ran around like it was a playground, but had a blast. My personal favorite part of the outing was our visit to Cold Stone after!

Trying to touch fish in the pond!

Connor's Lost Tooth

Connor pulled out one of his front teeth a couple of days ago. He seems too little to have lost his 3rd tooth. I guess my baby boy is growing up faster than I want him to. The tooth fairy forgot to leave him any money the first night-and had to make up for it the night after with 5 dollars! Yikes...she better remember from now on or she'll be broke!

New Smile

Grandpa Mike Visit

Grandpa Mike came to visit last weekend. We had a fun time and hope he did too! Here are a few highlights!

Lightsaber battles before church!

Baseball at the park
Sadie got in on the baseball too!
Lattin's for fritters and feeding goats!

Pool Days

Since the beginning of July we have been able to spend quite a few days at the pool this summer with friends. To me that is what summer is all about! Connor has become a very good swimmer and I really don't have to worry about him at all. Sadie is much more comfortable than she used to be and is pretty independent with her tube on. She also enjoys snacking and laying out poolside. Hopefully we'll have some more good days at the pool before the summer is over!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still Waiting...and a few thoughts on this pregnancy

So my due date was on Monday August 2nd, and although my body is totally prepared, I guess this baby girl is quite content where she is now! I really can't complain too much, because this has been my easiest pregnancy so far. I was not very sick, just tired my first trimester, second trimester I felt great and was able to continue working out like normal. About half way through my third trimester, I cut my working out down to mostly just walking, but still went for a long one this morning with Cooper and felt fine. I haven't had very many cravings, except for lots of ice cream and fruity/gummy candy-but that's pretty much normal for me. Sadie and Connor have been pretty precious throughout my pregnancy. Sadie was the announcer to most of our friends and family that I was pregnant. I guess that is what I get for telling a 2 and a half year old! Connor has been such a little gentleman-always trying to not have me lift or bend or run if I don't need to. (Although a couple of days ago, he wanted me to jump on the trampoline, and I declined. He said, " You are going to be a lot more fun again when that baby comes out!") Sadie and Connor both kiss and hug the baby (my belly) and tell her that they love her multiple times a day. Sadie has gone back and forth about wanting to be a "big sister" or not. She has asked a lot of questions like, "When I'm a big sister... will I still fit in my car seat? or will my clothes still fit? or will I still have my stuffed animals?" I can tell her wheels are turning and she is trying to process the whole thing. Connor just talks about wanting to see her. I think he is genuinely excited, but a big reason for that is having Uncle Lance and Grandma and Grandpa come, as well as have Dad home for 6 weeks! Ryan can't wait for his "vacation" and we are so grateful he gets to be home for so long...but I'll also be curious to see how quickly he gets sick of us and is counting down until he goes back to work. :) Still no name for this little angel. We have really struggled this time. We may just have to see her and try out a few before we decide for sure! Hopefully it will be sooner than later! We'll be sure to update when she does arrive!