Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I made baby food with my friend's Autumn and Jill.
Sadie LOVES balloons!
The Leprechan's left some loot for the kids!
Cupcakes for Connor's class

We even ate corned beef and cabbage (a first for me) thanks to the Beardsley's.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random...a few things we have been up to...

I have not been very good about taking pictures or videos lately, but here are few things we have been up to lately...

All of my kids-Cooper is still Eliza's favorite family member.
Sadie finally threw away her binkies. I had delayed it FOREVER, because I was afraid it would be hard and I was losing enough sleep with a newborn to deal with a 3 year old not sleeping. I am so proud of her because she was such a good girl about it. We went to the dentist and he suggested that she stop using them. She came right home and collected all of them and trashed them! This is obviously an old picture that Connor took, but it was the only one I could find of her with her binky in her mouth and her two pink blankies.
Basketball season ended...the 2 Connor's. Connor's love of basketball has certainly not ended. The boy is ALWAYS wanting to go play hoops and constantly has a ball in his hands dribbling all over the house. (Yes its annoying...but cute at the same time!)
We went to Portland for President's Day weekend...Ryan and Eliza relaxing together.

Snow Days

It is always a rare treat when it snows in Olympia. They cancelled school for 2 days for about 3 inches of snow. (We will now be in school until July!) The kids played outside for 2 days and the babies and mom's even had some fun too.

Connor and Henry

Autumn and Charlie
My girls and I...Sadie was tired and "done" and poor Eliza's face is covered with her hat...I tried:)
Charlie and Eliza snug in the stroller.

Sadie's First Dance Recital

In February, Sadie had her first little dance recital. I had trouble uploading the video to the blog, but here are a few photos...she did very well and really didn't have any stage fright at all. I wondered how she would do because she will never show us her "moves" at home. She is already self conscience around us. Sometimes I will catch her dancing in front of the fireplace looking at her reflection in the glass. She will also go in the bathroom and shut the door and dance. I always have to pretend that I didn't see her or she gets upset. We were so happy that she enjoyed it. Can't wait for more recitals in the future!

Enjoying a cookie after the big show!
Grandpa and Eliza
Sadie and her good friend Lauren
Most of her class waiting to preform.