Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun Weekend in Portland

Uncle Lance came to town for an interview with Nike! We are sure crossing our fingers for him that he ends up in Portland. The kids would LOVE to have Uncle Lance close. We had a great time--visited a fun new pizza and game place, and just had a great time spending time together. I managed to snap a few good pictures of the kids with some of their favorite people.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rock and Roll 2012

Ryan and I got to run the Rock and Roll Seattle half marathon. I felt like training was long and was glad to be able to finish strong. Ryan finished about a minute ahead of me.  I wasn't able to beat my time last year, but the course was significantly more difficult this year so I feel like I can't compare.  It was so great to have an awesome running partner Heidi to prepare for the race with, and to do the race with. Ryan and I had a great little get away weekend together in Seattle thanks to Mark and Anette babysitting once again! We live a good life! 

Last Day of First Grade for Connor!

First grade has been such a positive year for Connor. Mrs. Justice was most amazing teacher who was so perfect for Connor.  He excelled in reading this year ending the year by reading books like Harry Potter. I told him if he reached 300% of his reading goal he could get a pogo stick and he did it!  He is such a great student and was told in a note from his teacher that  "he was one of the kindest, sweetest boys she has ever had the privilege of teaching." I am proud of who he has become. I have NO regrets about waiting to start him since he has a late August birthday. 

Went out for donuts and milk to celebrate the last day of school before drop off!
I think these three are pretty sweet!

Mrs. Justice's Class Lunch Table
A few days before the end of school, the girls and I brought in some cookies and milk to celebrate his "summer birthday." He got some really sweet and funny notes from his friends. Here are a few of the best quotes...
Dear Connor,
"Your bright smill lights up the room."
"You are good at basketball, you are a very fast runr."
"You are very very good at AR tests and you are good at kickball and the best thing I like about you are my best friend in the hole tiryerd world."
"You alwas make us feel hapee. I like your hair"
"You are the nicest studet in the clas."
"If there were 100 Connor's no wood frown."
"I like the way you love to writ."
"You are kind to kids."
" You are great at evere sport."
"Everyone wants to be your frind."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

End of Preschool for Sadie...

Sadly, Sadie's preschool career came to an end at the beginning of June. She (and I) have loved every minute at Good Shepherd. Never once did she miss a day unless she was sick or we were out of town. She soaked up every minute and gained many friendships and a confidence that I hope will last a lifetime. We have spent 3 consecutive years at Good Shepherd with Connor and Sadie-now we have a little break before Eliza goes. I think we will all miss that place! So thankful my kids have had such a blessed preschool experience.

Sadie and her teacher.

The cute class of 2012.
Eliza was at the picnic too! 


With the Moms! (Can you believe I am wearing a down vest to a picnic in the park in June! Only in WA!)

June Utah Trip

We decided we needed to go back to Utah to be with and support Anna. Sadly, Alissa and Autumn couldn't make it. We missed them lots, but it was great to spend time with Mary, Jess, Kelly, Anna, and her cute Hailee and Chad. My trip started out perfectly with my sweet Grandpa and Jean picking me up from the airport and taking me to Little America for lunch. I truly treasure every time I get to see and spend time with my grandpa. Love him!! Then we went to Emily's to hang out with her kiddos for a while.  
Grandpa dropped me off at Anna's house in Draper where I met up with everyone. We had such a nice visit. We enjoyed hiking, shopping, chatting, crying, visiting Charlie's grave, making some freezer meals, and especially just spending time together. I hope that we provided some useful support for Anna.  She is so amazing. I can't imagine going through what she is, but she is really so inspiring in her testimony and strength.