Friday, April 19, 2013

Connor's 2nd Grade Music Program

The kids have an excellent music teacher at their school. Connor had a little speaking part and did a great job. Not sure that he will be a broadway performer, but he is a good sport, and I think its great experience for him. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Everyday Life...

With the baby coming soon and I'm sure our routine will change, I wanted to remember how life was for the majority of this school year with my girls. We are so lucky to be able to sleep late in the mornings. School doesn't start until 9:25am and we are less than a mile away so we have pretty easy mornings. Sometimes the kids take the bus, but usually I take them so that we have a little more time. Eliza and I have some quality time together while Sadie is at half day Kindergarten. We usually clean house, go for walks, go to the gym, run errands, read books, and do whatever Eliza wants to do.  I'm going to miss our one on one time together. Sadie gets dropped off by her sweet bus driver at our door. I never tire of seeing her happy face get off that big yellow school bus. Lunch is usually PBJ, mac and cheese, quesadillas, or turkey sandwiches. Then Eliza takes a nap and Sadie and I get some time together, and more often than not, Sadie has some sort of play date.  I often get a break or get to hang out with the awesome mom's of her friends! Connor gets home at 4 and our evenings are usually pretty busy with gymnastics, dance, Connor's sports, activity days, and scouts.  We have the life, I tell ya!

Snuggling and watching a show with Evie.

Eliza helping me vacuum in her "Alice" dress.

Brownie batter!!

Walks around the neighborhood.

Rain does not stop Sadie from playing outside!

Faith, Lauren, and Sadie all dressed up and ready to perform a play/dance for me.

Grocery shopping in her princess dress.

Trip to the mall.

Dad surprises us for donuts sometimes.

Bubble Baths 
Swinging with friends.

Laine and Sadie needed popsicles in the scorching 50 degree weather.

Character Day at School

Connor and Sadie dressed up as favorite book characters for school. Connor loves the Diary of the Wimpy Kids Series and found a shirt from Old Navy that was perfect. Sadie was Hermione from Harry Potter. 

Grandpa Mike Comes to Town

 We had a visit from Grandpa Mike the first weekend in March. We had fun going to see the Young Ambassador's who were in town from BYU, going to Connor's basketball game, getting apple fritters from Lattin's, and even enjoying some rare beautiful Sunday weather. 
Young Ambassador's

Eliza loved the show!

Yummy frozen yogurt! 
This is how we keep Eliza quiet, so we can actually watch Connor's game! 

Jack and Connor at their last game. We had an interesting season. Playing for the YMCA was not super great,but
we were glad to have Jack on our team and thankful Connor's arm healed well enough to play!

Visits from Grandpa, Grandpa, and Uncles

I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have Ryan's parents and brothers only two hours away in Portland. The kids have such special relationships with them. I would have LOVED to see my grandparents more growing up. Of course, Ryan and I are spoiled as well with them babysitting for us when we need them.

Happy Birthday to Lance!

Donuts from Grandpa-of course!

Spoiled with a giant cookie from Grandpa

Opening day of Baseball!

Valentine's Day 2013

Ryan was out of town on business this Valentine's day, but I had 3 pretty cute Valentine's to celebrate with.  

Traditional Sugar Cookies!

Always love balloons!



Heart shaped pizza for dinner. :) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pinewood Derby Beginners Luck!!

Connor and Ryan built their first pinewood derby car this year. I should actually say that they assembled and painted the the "Seahawks" themed car. I purchased an "official" pinewood derby kit from Michael's that did not require any carving or tools. It looked great, but when we got to the derby, and they weighed it, they realized that Connor's car was way underweight. Ryan started gluing pennies on at the very last minute where ever they fit to make it the correct weight. Turns out, they did a great job because Connor's car got first place in EVERY heat. He was so excited, but in true Connor fashion, was a little "too cool" to really show how pumped he was until he got home.  It was a fun event!

Portland Children's Theater

We headed to Portland to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa and go to the Portland Children's Theater to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Sadie and Connor both really enjoyed it and Anette and I had a great time taking them. 

Lunch at Elephant's Deli. Yum!!

In the theater.
Autographs after the show!

Daddy Daughter Dance 2013

The Daddy Daughter Dance at Capital High school is always such a fun event. I love dressing Sadie up and watching Ryan and her head off on a fun date. This year they met friends at Panera for dinner and then headed to the dance. Sadie had a blast with her friends and her dad. Such special memories made every year!