Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Fest

After the soccer game Saturday, we went to Lattin's Cider Mill. It is home of the world's best apple fritters only available on Saturdays (thats why I go) and lots of animals for the kids to visit. We had the most fun feeding goats and chickens. We also ran into our friends the Cammack's and the Reed's. We all enjoyed yummy treats and beautiful weather. Feeding a "not so hungry goat"...I've never seen goats not eat, but we went at the end of the day and they had gorged themselves all day so some refused our oats. Enjoying the amazing fresh apples we got at Lattin's on the way home. She say's "cheese" when she see's the camera. "Little Miss Sunshine" found a dandilion at the park, put it in her ear, and thought she was gorgeous!

Tumwater Falls

One of our most favorite local spots to visit this time of year is Tumwater Falls. Connor loves to throw rocks and run around the trail, Sadie loves watching the Salmon in the holding tanks, and Ryan I love watching the two little munchkins. Here are some fun photos from a Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

I know the video isn't great, but what I love is Sadie's screams in the background. She is constantly screaming these days, mostly because she can't talk very much, and she has a lot to say.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ryan and I got to go to the BYU University of Washington football game last weekend. There was a huge group of fans from Olympia that all sat together in the nosebleeds.:) It was a very close game... and ended up getting a lot of national attention because of a questionable call at the end of the game that allowed BYU to block an extra point punt. We were able to go down to the BYU section and see my Aunt Sharon, Uncle Lee, and counsins Whitney, her husband, and Jesse. I also ran into an old friend from highschool and college whose brother in law is on the team. After the game Ryan and I went to a nice peaceful dinner at Outback with no screaming kids. What a treat! The kids had an awesome day as always with Grandma and Grandpa. Connor even asked if BYU could come every Saturday so Gr. and Gr. could watch them every Saturday. I feel like I am saying it all the time...but thank you again to Anette and Mark for leaving their house at 6am watching the kids all day, and then driving back that same night. We appreciate you guys sooooo much!

Connor's Birthday Part Two

Connor really wanted to have a "friend" party this year. Despite my efforts to try to get him do do the party elsewhere, he insisted on a party at our house. It ended up really fun and I think everyone had a good time. After seeing his friend Thomas' baseball party on their family blog, he decided that is what he would like to do. I was good with that because it was easy. The weather could not have been better, so we were able to do the whole thing in the no clean up in the house.:) We played water baseball (using baby pools for the bases), water balloon toss, slip and slide,and a pinata. The kids also enjoyed playing on the playset and trampoline. Then we ate cupcakes and Connor opened presents. He got some Transformers, cars, a game, Star Wars figures, and more. Connor and I feel so blessed to have such good friends. Happy Birthday Again Mr. Con-Man! The boys having fun with the sprinkler under the Trampoline! Water Baseball Water Balloons Baseball Cupcakes Thanks to Olivia and Thomas for the Star Wars figures

Indian Summer

Hooray! We are having the most beautiful September. It has been in the 70's and 80's everyday this month and it looks like it is supposed to continue to be nice for quite a while. Any of you that know me well, know that I HATE the 9 months of rain here. I get really sad about summer being over and I am so grateful to have a few more days of sunshine! we have been taking advantage of the nice weather by spending lots of time at the pool. I feel sorry for all the kids in school that have to miss the good weather, but it is so nice at the pool because we practically have the whole place to ourselves. Connor is getting much more confident about swimming. He is now diving for things under water and really trying to get the hang of freestyle stroke. I never really get a chance to help him, because I am wrestling Sadie, but he is doing pretty well on his own. Sadie, on the other hand, doesn't love the water. She would rather run around the side of the pool (scary!), eat sncaks, and lounge. She cracks me up!

First Day of Preschool 2008

Much to Connor's dismay... summer vacation is over. He tried to pretend he was sick the day he thought preschool was starting. When I told him that he still had another day before the 1st day he was healed! I thought he was too young for those sorts of tricks. This year he is attending the "Gingerbread House" preschool again. It as a little preschool out of "Teacher Sandy's" house. She built a little annex onto her house especially for the preschool. Sandy and her daughter are his sweet teachers and they have been doing this for many years! He went there last year two days a week, and this year is in the "big boy" class three days a week. Yipee! I really wouldn't care too much about him being in preschool if it weren't for the weather here. Since it rains most of the school year it is nice to have a plan three days a week. Connor has done very well so far. I think it was good for him to go back to the same place as he attended last year since he tends to be super shy. He already feels very comfortable and is having fun!

He jumped right in and started playing with Carsen and Simon

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Build A Bear

Sadie and Connor really enjoyed creating their "Build- a -Bear." Connor took the whole thing very seriously (as he does most things), and knew exactly what he wanted. He chose a brown dog and named it Izzy after my brother's dog that he LOVES! We actually have Izzy's puppy Cooper, who Connor also adores, but Cooper does not play fetch as well as Izzy so she is #1 in Connor's eyes. Sadie loved and cuddled every one of the animals we handed her. It was hard to choose, but we decided on a soft chenille like teddy. I even recored a little message for her that she can play when she pushes on its paw. They both have slpet with them every night now, since they got them. Thanks for another fun adventure Grandma and Grandpa J.

Papa Hayden's

While in Portland, we visited one of my favorite places called Papa Hayden's. It is a cute little restaurant on Northwest 23rd street (a fun street not far from downtown with lots of shops and places to eat). They have good food and great desserts. Ryan and I left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and had a late night treat with Lance and Chad. I had the sampler (yummy), Ryan had their version of german chocolate, Lance had banana cream pie, and Chad had a mint chocolate something. Good Times!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Little Flower

I just had to post these photos because Sadie looks so innocent and sweet playing in Grandma's garden. Anyone who knows her well can testify that she can be sweet, but can also be a big pain! I think the time between 16 months and 2 is harder than "terrible two's." I remember with Connor, at two I could start reasoning with him a little and he began to understand "if" and "then"." I remember bribing him with M&M's at his two year old pictures. Anyway this time between 16 months and two is crazy! They think they can do everything, but they can't. They know what they want, but they can't always tell you, they have learned to hit, scratch, etc, and so on. Sometimes she is naughty because she is frustrated, and other times she seems to be aggressive for no apparent reason. Despite the pain she is, she can be very affectionate, funny, and really cute!