Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Moment

People who have been around my kids very much know that they have a funny relationship. I wish they got along more, but they just don't. Sadie knows how to push Connor's buttons and Connor knows how to pick on and tease Sadie. If anyone has any good advice I'd love to hear it. Anyway, on our flight home, Sadie was in the middle seat and was nervous. Connor offered to let her sit on his lap and see out the window, so "she could see that it wasn't scary." I'm so glad that there are rare moments like this one that lets me know that they really do love and care for each other.

Big Brother comforting scared little Sis

Connor's VERY Favorite Cousins

Connor with Izzy (Cooper's mom)
Connor with Izzy and Sarge at Adam and Nicole's House

Cute Cousins in Utah

Connor and Sadie loved playing with their Utah cousins. Jane was not such a big fan of Sadie being in her "territory", but I'm sure they'll like each other some day:) Connor was in heaven playing Starwars with Ethan and Ashley and even introduced Star Wars to Madi and Avery.

Photos Connor took of Avery on our Lagoon walk.

Adam and Sadie bonded.

We got to celebrate Madi's 5th B-day with her!

Ashley and Jane modeling new sun glasses.

Best buddies!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Melanie, the kids and I went to Provo to visit Grandma Steed, and hit the BYU bookstore and creamery. My kids were crazy (as usual) ,but I am still glad we went.

Mel helping Grandma eat her yummy BYU fudge.
Sadie running the halls of the care center (I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out!)

Sadie and Grandma holding hands.

Connor and Sadie posing at probably the ugliest place on campus. I could not get them to move to a better place:)

BYU creamery icecream= Happy kids

Girl's Weekend in Utah

Ryan had a work trip in New York City a few weeks ago and Southwest had an amazing sale ($50 each way), so the kids and I took off to go see family for a few days. My sister Melanie was also able to come for a little "girl's weekend." Thanks to Adam for watching Sadie and Tom for keeping an eye on Connor :). Melanie and I did a "mini Spa day" at an Aveda salon at the Gateway in SLC. I got a facial, a massage, and my hair washed and styled. So fun and relaxing! Then we met up with Emily and Nicole for lunch and a movie. After checking into the downtwon Marriott, we went to dinner (which is a funny story in itself) and then a great dessert at Melting pot. We stayed up way too late just chatting and catching up. I wish we all lived closer. I guess we were too busy having fun to take many pics. I just got one of Emilyand Nicole and our great dessert!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Connor's tonsils...

A lot of know that Connor snores as if he were an obese old man. I finally took him to an ENT because I am worried about sleep apnea. He has has strep and tonsilitus several times this year too. The doctor took one look and said for sure he needs them out and probably has what they call obstructive sleep apnea. We have his surgery scheduled for March 23rd. Although I am nervous about it, I think it will be a good thing in the long run. I waited until I was 18 to get my huge ones out, and I have felt so much better since. I don't think I would have ever gotten married if I hadn't had them out. I feel really sorry for Anna my college roomy and my sister Emily who had to endure my snoring for a long time! I hope my little buddy does well.

A Fun Getaway...

For either my birthday or anniversary, (its hard to keep them straight beacause they are so close together), Ryan got us tickets to go see the Lion King in Seattle. I had seen it once before when my parents took me to New York my senior year. That time we bought tickets from a scalper because it was brand new and sold out for over a year. It was great that time...but we ended up with a column in front of us. This time we had better luck with our tickets! We decided to make a weekend of it, thanks to Ryan's parents, and stayed over Friday night in downtown. We stayed at a brand new Hyatt just a block from the theater. Because the hotel had only been open a couple of weeks, there were not many people there, and the service was excellent. I think the employees were bored. As part of a promotion we got free spa access, free breakfast, and a $75 gift card to use at the mall close by. What more could we want? We had a very laid back relaxing day starting with a yummy breakfast (everyone knows I love to eat) , a soak in the hot tub at the spa, then a dayin the city of shopping and eating, and then of course the play. The costumes, music, dancing, and acting, were so amazing! We were too busy having fun to take pictures (ie Ryan doesn't like taking pictures. I was excited to get home and see my kiddos, even though I don't think they missed us much at all...too much fun with grandma and grandpa!