Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas. Just five days previous, Ryan's company did major layoffs and we were blessed to keep our job. His dad got layed off, but it was really a blessing since he is eligible for his retirement anyway, so he gets to collect his severance package as well as his retirement. We were so relieved and felt so grateful.  Lance, Chad, and Grandma and Grandpa joined us at our house on Christmas Eve and stayed the night. We opened gifts, played with them, and ate yummy Olive Garden take out. We also did our own little nativity and Christmas story reading.  

Best Buds and a new Lego Set.

New Cinderella Barbie!

A recordable book for Eliza!

This is BEFORE Santa came-So many gifts from G&G that we couldn't walk :) 

New Nike Air Jordan's for Connor

Eliza understood how to open gifts VERY well this year! 

Grandpa with his retirement card and Nike Fuel Band gift.

Ryan got matching Nike Air Jordan's.

Christmas Tree brownie for Santa and carrots for  reindeer.

Furby from Uncle Chad-A HUGE hit-especially with Eliza.

Sadie got a matching nightgown with her doll Kit.

Santa did come!!

Connor's big Santa gift was a basketball hoop, Sadie got a fish and bunk beds for her American girl, and Eliza, got a new kitchen and a tricycle. I'd say Santa was very generous this year.

I feel bad that Eliza isn't in the classic stair picture, but she slept in until almost 10am.  Connor woke up VERY early but we all got up around 8.

When Eliza finally got up the bigger kids had fun showing her all of her gifts and it was kind of neat that she had all of the attention on her.

Connor's remote control helicopter.

Eliza's bike!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gingerbread Houses 2012

We continued our tradition of making and decorating gingerbread houses with the Cammack's this year. It is truly one of my kid's favorite things to do at Christmas time. 

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanks to Emily and Tom, we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal. I would have been so stressed to have 25 people over for Thanksgiving and to cook for them too, but my sister is AMAZING, and it was great! The highlight for me was being able to visit with Grandpa and Jean. My kids would agree that was the best part for them as well. 
Eliza talking Grandpa's ear off.

Connor LOVES his Grandpa Ken.

The last few years we have spent Thanksgiving with my parents, my mom has had an "Early Christmas" with the kids. She always does a great job getting the kids toys and books that they love. Sadie's favorite was a princess make-up kit, Connor loved his science kit, and Eliza loved her new blocks. 

Our table: Ryan and I , Mom and Dad, cousin Carly, and Grandpa and Jean

Kids Table
Table #3- Tom's grad students, Cousin Natalie and Mikey, Em and Tom

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Utah Fun

 There was some Just Dance Playing
We had to eat at Cafe Rio!

Ryan and I first met when I worked here on BYU campus~well it was Zuka juice~at the time.  

At BYU bowling

BYU creamery

BYU basketball game!


Temple Square

Emily's kids had school, so we had a nice family day in downtown Salt Lake. We visited the Temple Square visitors centers, had lunch with Uncle Sean at the new mall, and shopped around at City Creek for a bit. It was a really pleasant day and the kids enjoyed the temple square sights more than I expected.

The Tabernacle


Believe it or not I did not make them pose this way...

I did try to force this one-obviously!

The family one day before our 11th anniversary. My how we have changed since the day we were married here!

Sadie wished for a fish.

Connor asked for an IPOD touch- or a basketball hoop if his parents said no. :) Eliza refused to sit on Santa's lap.